Of all numbers, I love the number thirteen. Regardless of the spectrum of opinions regarding this number, I am not shaken whatsoever.Thirteen reasons why I am so enamored with it.                      

1. It is the first of the teens from the numbers 13 through 19.

2. It is a Fibonacci number.

3. It is one of the 3 known Wilson Primes.

4. Total number of my given name.

5. I am the 13th grandchild.

6. It was my age of transition hence, a teenager.

7. My father has always been fascinated with it.

8. It is my number in all sports jersey.

9. It is my assigned house number in a subdivision.

10. I share the same fascination with my Orlean and Sheena.

11. Every 13th of each month is such a great day, every time.

12. The number 13 is the first ink I got.

13. June 13th, the day my parents married secretly.

There are infinite reasons to write here, but, I choose only thirteen. Because I love the number thirteen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Cheers to Terry and Olive for a blessed married life!!!

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I am the Difference.

This is the first official blog entry of my life. And I would like to start it off by being the difference.How does one define difference? Mathematically, it is the number or the result that remains after the subtrahend is subtracted from the minuend. There are various definitions of this word richly found from a handy dictionary or the online dictionary. However, I choose  this  definition, a certain degree of distinction, which sets me apart from others. Being the difference that makes a difference is a challenge. I am taking a big leap of making a difference. I am the difference.

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